(Feldman - Goldstein - Gottehrer)
Australia 1966
#1 Sydney #2 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #29 Perth

Double-sided hit with Step Back (by Easybeats Wright & Young) in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Re-entered Brisbane charts later same year, reached #32.

Johnny Young: Western Australian singer, songwriter, radio announcer and TV compere, real name John De Jong. In later years he became best known for his long-running youth variety show Young Talent Time and the associated talent school, but his greatest claim to pop fame is for having written the Russell Morris classic The Real Thing.

(Feldman - Goldstein - Gottehrer)
UK 1966

Single on Decca, anthologised on English Freakbeat Volume 2 (1989).

For more on The Limeys, see That's What I Want.

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(Feldman - Goldstein - Gottehrer)
UK 1965

Track on Take A Heart by Coventry R&B band, according to Richie Unterberger one of the most overlooked bands of the British Invasion (Sorrows biography at All Music Guide).

As Don Fardon, Sorrows vocalist Don Maughn went solo and had a hit with (The Lament Of The Cherokee) Indian Reservation (1968, #20 USA, reissued 1970 #3 UK), a John D. Loudermilk composition first recorded in 1959 as Pale Faced Indian by Marvin Rainwater.

See also No No No No.

Further reading: Sorrows at MySpace

Thanks to Andrew Ainsworth for version alert.

(Feldman - Goldstein - Gottehrer)
USA 1965
Original version
#39 USA #16 Brisbane #36 Perth*

The Strangeloves were a New York band who pretended to be from outback Australia, for reasons best known to themselves. Maybe it was a novel variation on the British Invasion theme... They were photographed in their idea of the Australian Look, which seems to have involved zebra skin patterns and jungle drums. At least they ended up with a hit song Down Under, thanks to Johnny Young.

Before they were The Strangeloves, Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer produced The Angels' hit record My Boyfriend's Back, written by Feldman. Full story from Bob Shannon's Behind the Hits website (archived page).

*Recharted in Perth in 1966, #42

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