Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Australia 1968
#16 Sydney #2 Melbourne #33 Adelaide

Co-charted with UK version by Love Affair.

The Town Criers were a Melbourne pop band, formed 1964, who had five charting hits in Melbourne from 1968 to 1970, notably Love Me Again (#12 1969).

Melbourne or Adelaide? In 1968, founding vocalist Andy Agtoft was replaced by Barry Smith from Adelaide. This raised the band's profile in Adelaide, but it may also have led some fans to the mistaken belief that the band itself was from Adelaide. It's also possible there has been some confusion with The London Criers, a well-known late-60s Adelaide showband.

Thanks to David Walker for Melbourne-Adelaide clarification.

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
UK 1968
#1 UK #16 Sydney #2 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #33 Adelaide #17 Perth #4 NZ

Co-charted in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with the Australian version by The Town Criers.

Further reading: For all you will ever need to know about The Love Affair, see Sven Gusevik's Love Affair website. The site includes an illustrated list of other versions of Everlasting Love.


Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1967
Original version
#13 USA #40 UK #7 Adelaide #30 Perth

Single on Nashville label Rising Sons, owned by co-writer Buzz Cason with Bobby Russell.

#9 in UK in 1974 when it was rereleased.

Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden wrote Hayride and La La, both hits in 1969 for Australian band The Flying Circus, and Buzz Cason wrote Groupie by The New Dream.

Mac Gayden aka Mack Gayden (this song is registered under both names at BMI).

The song has been recorded many times over the years. There are 17 versions listed at The Originals website. See also the illustrated list of versions at Sven Gusevik's Love Affair website.

Jim Cassidy notes:

Another interesting thing about Everlasting Love is its unusual structure. There is only one verse of lyrics (Hearts go astray...) and it comes at the beginning of the song and in most versions is only heard once again instrumentally. On the other hand, the chorus (Open up your eyes...) has three different sets of lyrics and gets repeated ad infinitum. Yet somehow it works... There's a circular quality to the chorus that keeps bringing you back to the beginning to start all over again.
(Post to Spectropop and email to PopArchives, March 2005.)

❝Bobby Russell and I had formed two record companies, Rising Sons and Elf, both releasing the pop and rock product we produced on new uncountry artists... We had hits on both our record labels, all the while producing acts for several major record companies.❞
Buzz Cason, Living The Rock 'n Roll Dream: The Adventures of Buzz Cason (2004), p.174

An Everlasting Love
(Barry Gibb)
USA 1978
Red herring
#28 NZ

Similar title but not the same song as
"Everlasting Love" by The Town Criers.

On 1978 album Shadow Dancing.

Later versions:

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1969
Later version

On 1969 album My Whole World Ended on Motown label.

Thanks to Davie Gordon.

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Australia 1974
Later version
#25 Sydney #14 Melbourne #16 Adelaide

The powerful baritone of Doug Parkinson (b. Newcastle NSW 1946) became known nationally through his records with In Focus from the end of the 60s.

Earlier, he had fronted Sydney folk-pop band The A Sound (formerly Strings and Things) whose sole single features an almost unrecognisable, lighter Doug Parkinson, but it was with highly regarded Sydney pop band The Questions that his soulful, slightly mannered vocal style came into its own.

In Focus was formed in 1968 with personnel from The Questions and became a popular live band that relocated to Melbourne and had national hits that included Dear Prudence, Without You/Hair and Baby Blue Eyes.

After In Focus, Doug Parkinson sang with bands that included Fanny Adams, a briefly reunited In Focus (1971) and The Southern Star Band. His long-lasting solo career has produced charting singles Everlasting Love (1974) and The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More (1981). He has also appeared in rock musicals and recorded radio and TV jingles.

In the 70s, Doug Parkinson sang on some of the 'Where No Wrinklies Fly' jingles for Melbourne radio station 3AK, and on some of the early jingles for ABC youth station 2JJ (now JJJ).

References Milesago; Who's Who of Australian Rock; The Australian Rock Discography 1956-69; CD liner notes for So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star?

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1974
Later version
#6 USA #13 NZ

Detroit singer.

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1976
Later version

Version by one of the writers, on his album Skyboat, on ABC-Paramount.
Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1981
Later version
#32 USA #49 Sydney #9 Adelaide #9 Perth

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Germany 1987
Later version
#21 Adelaide

Full name Sandra Lauer.

Vocalist with Enigma (Sadness [Part 1], 1991). She also charted in New Zealand in 1995 with a version of Nights In White Satin.

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
UK 1989
Later version
#2 Sydney #1 Brisbane #2 Melbourne #1 Adelaide

Double-sided hit with All I Want Is You.

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1995
Later version
#22 Sydney #31 Brisbane #21 Melbourne #15 Adelaide #34 Perth #24 NZ

Everlasting Love
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
UK 2004
Later version

From the soundtrack of 2004 film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Jamie Cullum: popular British jazz/pop singer-pianist.

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