La La
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Australia 1969
#5 Sydney #4 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #9 Perth

Single on Columbia, May 1969.

The Flying Circus: Sydney band, formed in 1968, that also worked in Canada from the early 70s (not to be confused, though, with the Canadian band called The Flying Circus).

No connection with Monty Python's Flying Circus: the name appears to be a coincidence.

The Flying Circus also had a hit with Hayride, also written by Buzz Cason & Mac Gayden.

Further reading: 1. Milesago's  comprehensive Flying Circus page. 2. Wikipedia entry on Australian band The Flying Circus (distinguished from the Canadian band of the same name).

La La
(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
USA 1969
Original version

Single on Elf label.

Produced by the writers, Cason & Gayden.

Written by Elf label owner, singer/songwriter/producer Buzz Cason with Nashville guitarist/songwriter/producer Mac Gayden. They also wrote the much-recorded Everlasting Love, and another Australian hit by The Flying Circus, Hayride (also recorded by Saturday Morning Cartoon Show on Elf).

Cason & Gayden wrote Candy Love, and Buzz Cason wrote Groupie, both charting records in Australia by The New Dream.

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