Love Machine
(James A. Griffin - Michael Z. Gordon)
Australia 1968
#14 Sydney #10 Melbourne #6 Brisbane #19 Adelaide #16 Perth

Single on Festival, June 1968, by a purpose-formed studio band that included all of The Twilights and The Johnny Hawker Band among others. YouTube

Vocals by Terry Walker, previously with Glen Ingram & The Hi-Five (though not on Skye Boat Song), also heard with The Strangers on Happy Without You.

An unconnected Melbourne band called Pastoral Symphony registered the name, preventing any follow-ups by the Love Machine project.

Love Machine
(James A. Griffin - Michael Z. Gordon)
USA 1967
Original version

Single on Philips YouTube, December 1967, by folk-rock-influenced band formed in 1964 by young high school friends in Westchester, a Los Angeles suburb. The original line-up was Ray Mangigian (lead vocals, harmonica), Levitt Earhart (rhythm guitar), Tim Ward (lead guitar, vocals), Floyd Fletcher (bass, vocals), and Jim Peters (drums). The band continued for a while with replacements for Earhart and Ward after they were drafted in 1968. For more, see Colin Mason's interview with Ray Mangigian.

Reached the outer edges of US charts (90s-100s).

The writers:
Although The Roosters performed and recorded original songs written by band member Tim Ward, Love Machine was written by Michael Gordon, whose credits include The Marketts' surf instrumental The Outer Limits; and James Griffin, later a founding member of Bread. Gordon and Griffin also wrote for a 1968 Roosters single on Philips.

Sources, further reading: 1. Details about the band are gleaned from Colin Mason's Roosters page at Opulent Conception which includes a detailed interview with lead vocalist Ray Mangigian along with other content. 2. See also Charles G. Hill's useful notes on The Roosters and this song at his Single File pages. 3. Roosters singles discography at 4. Co-writer Michael Gordon has posted the song to YouTube along with his commentary.

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