Can You Feel It Baby?
(Roger Cook - Roger Greenaway)
Australia 1971
#14 Sydney #19 Melbourne* #7 Brisbane #12 Adelaide #35 Perth

With Darryl Braithwaite as lead singer, Sherbet, formed in Sydney in 1969, was one of the most successful Australian pop acts of the 70s. For example, they had twenty records on the Sydney charts 1971-1978, most of them originals. Their biggest hit, the cricket-themed love song Howzat (1976), was a hit in the UK (#4) and also charted in the USA (#61).

* Melbourne chart position from Thomas Guest's Melbourne chart book.
(Thirty Years Of Hits by Thomas Guest might still be available from:
M. Maloney, PO Box 161, Craigieburn, Vic 3064, Australia.)
It also had a bit of a run on 4IP Ipswich, near Brisbane, in October 1971: see ARSA surveys.

Further Reading 1.: Wikipedia article on Sherbet. 2. Sherbet history at Milesago.

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Can You Feel It Baby?
(Roger Cook - Roger Greenaway)
UK 1970

On the album Our World, September 1970, also released in the US as Real Mink but with fewer tracks.

Vocals by Madeline Bell and co-writer Roger Cook.

Blue Mink had several hits with Greenaway-Cook compositions, including Melting Pot (1969) and Banner Man (1971).

Everything Is Out Of Season, recorded in Australia by Johnny Farnham, is another Greenaway-Cook composition, and Marcia Hines recorded Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees, co-written by Roger Cook.

Further reading: Review of Our World by David Thompson at All Music.

Can You Feel It Baby?
(Roger Cook - Roger Greenaway)
UK 1970
Original version

Single on Columbia by British soul and jazz singer, March 1970. Recorded with the participation of co-writer Roger Cook.

I'm assuming this is the same artist as Romey [with an 'e'] Carr, also on Columbia: see here.

Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook wrote numerous hit songs together, beginning with The Fortunes' You've Got Your Troubles (1965). 

As performers, they recorded two hits as David & Jonathan, Michelle and Lovers Of The World Unite (both 1966), and Roger Greenaway was one half of The Pipkins (Gimme Dat Ding). Roger Cook was a member of Blue Mink (see above).

References: 1. The Ultimate Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway Discography [archived page]. 2. Roger Cook Chronology [archived page]. 3. Who Is Roger Cook? video at

Not to be confused with NZ singer Roger Greenaway who is a different person.

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