Teen Beat
(Sandy Nelson - Arthur Egnoian)
Australia 1959
#27 Sydney #11 Melbourne #26 Brisbane

Instrumental on Teen.

The defunct French site Instromania had a personnel list and discography for The Devils (Il s'agit du groupe derrière Johnny Devlin): see the page at the Internet Archive.

Not all of Johnny Devlin's records featured The Devils, though most of them did. For more on Johnny Devlin & The Devils, with links to further reading, see: Gigolo, I Was The One, Chi-Chico Teek, Stayin' Up Late and Lonely Boy.

Teen Beat
(Sandy Nelson - Arthur Egnoian)
USA 1959
Original version
#4 USA #9 UK

Single on Original Sound, then on on major label Top Rank, an instrumental featuring lead guitar built around the drumming of Sandy Nelson.

This was the first of Nelson's three charting singles in the USA, followed by Let There Be Drums (1961, #7 USA) and Drums Are My Beat (1962, #29 USA), both on Imperial.

Thanks to Tony Watson.


Later versions:

Teen Beat '65
(Sandy Nelson - Arthur Egnoian)
USA 1964
Later version
#33 Melbourne #22 Adelaide

Update of the 1959 hit.

This follows the fashion of The Ventures' Walk Don't Run '64, a reworking of Walk Don't Run (1960); and Del Shannon reprised Runaway (1961) with Runaway '67.

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