Lavender Girl
(Kathy Legan*)
Australia 1967
#20 Brisbane

*Sometimes wrongly credited in Australia to British light music composer Geoffrey Henman (b. c.1894), who wrote a movement called Lavender Girl (ASCAP Title Code: 420013201) for his High Street suite.

Charted in Brisbane in March 1968.

Brisbane singer and TV host Jon Blanchfield had seven charting singles in his home city from 1967 till 1971, including Upstairs Downstairs, a song the Bee Gees gave away, recorded with the participation of the Gibb brothers.

Now working in management (and known as John instead of Jon), one of his clients is Normie Rowe: see the announcement at

See also She's My Baby.
Lavender Girl
(Kathy Legan)
USA 1967
Original version

Single on Epic, one of three singles by Patty Michaels, an entertainer with a long and varied career that began when she was five years old. Read her full story, Lavender Girl by John Greco and Phil Milstein, at Spectropop.

The songwriter Kathy Legan seems to have come and gone without trace. Six of her compositions are listed at BMI.
Lavender Girl
UK 1967
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as 'Lavender Girl' by John Blanchfield.

B-side by London band. See Ever Heard Of - Orange Bicycle at

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