That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
Australia 1964
#16 Sydney #2 Brisbane

Single on RCA by Beatles-influenced Sydney band, produced by Johnny Devlin. It was also released as a single on RCA in the USA in '64.

This was a double-sided cover of The Marauders' UK single: the Cicadas' B-side, Hey Wha' D'Ya Say (Stephens-Leander), had also been the Marauders' B-side.

The Cicadas started out as a middle-of-the-road band called the The Hi-Fi's until they caught the Merseybeat bug. They later moved to the UK where they released a number of singles, notably The Magic Book (1966), using the name The Gibsons.  (See The Gibsons'
UK discography

The Cicadas also recorded another Marauders song from 1963, also written by Carter & Lewis, Always On My Mind (1964).

Yet another Carter-Lewis song recorded by The Cicadas was Let's Try Again, released in early 1964, predating the only other known version, by The Rockin' Berries in 1965. (Thanks to Kevin Sharkey.)

Further reading: Terry Stacey's account of The Cicadas and their Beatles-influenced contemporaries at PopArchives:The Blog.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
USA 1964

Single on the short-lived New York label Amcan (owned by Canadian-American) that charted at New York state station WTRY.

Unless we're looking at two different bands with the same name, Britain's Limeys released four singles in the USA (1964-1966, on Amcan, Dot and Scepter) and four in the UK (1965-1966, on Decca and Pye). Only one of those was released in both the UK and the USA: I Can't Find My Way Through/Don't Cry (My Love), 1965, on Dot and Pye.

See also Cara-Lyn/Cara-Lin.

References: 1. Discographies for US labels Dot, Scepter and Amcan at Global Dog Productions. 2. Limeys UK releases at PopMusicInfo. 3. Limeys personnel and brief notes at Radio London.

Not to be confused with 1970s band Limey: see website of Limey member David Bowker aka Booker.

Thanks to Peter Grad for verifying this version. Thanks also to Terry Stacey, and to Jerry Welz at Canadian-American.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
New Zealand 1963

Single on Viking, B-side of Simple Simon. 

Jan Dalton was the sister of Viking Records executive, Ron Dalton. Through his association she was able to release three singles on the Viking label in the early sixties. (Bruce Sergent).

References: 1. Jan Dalton page at Bruce Sergent's NZ music website. 2. Label shot and release details at

Version alert from Terry Stacey.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
UK 1963
Original version

Single on Decca. The B-side was a Geoff Stephens-Mike Leander song, Hey Wha' D'Ya Say, also recorded by Australia's Cicadas for the B-side of their version of That's What I Want.

The Marauders were a band from Stoke-on-Trent who frequently played at Liverpool's Cavern: see their singles discography at

The composers, John Carter (born John Shakespeare) and Ken Lewis (born Kenneth James Hawker), had been partners in songwriting and performing since the end of the 50s. With Perry Ford, they recorded as The Ivy League from 1965. Later, Carter and Lewis were involved, for example, in The Flowerpot Men (Let's Go To San Francisco), White Plains (My Baby Loves Lovin') and First Class (Beach Baby).

Carter & Lewis also wrote Always On My Mind, another Marauders song (1963) later recorded by The Cicadas (1964).


Later versions:

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
UK 1965
Later version

Single on Pye by group initially known as Tony Jackson and The Vibrations (Bye Bye Baby, 1964, #38 UK).

Tony Jackson (1940-2003) was the original bassist and lead singer of The Searchers, the band he quit in July 1964.

References: 1. Hiroshi Asada's John Carter songlist. 2. Tony Jackson & The Vibrations at British Beat Boom.
Thanks to Terry Stacey for filling in the gaps that I totally missed.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
Later version

c. 1965

Apparently unreleased track, later included on Raven's Ugly Things.

Melbourne band: see their hit Rockin' Robin.

Thanks to Terry Stacey for version alert.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
Australia 1967
Later version

Last single, on W&G, by Hobart band known locally as 'Tasmania's answer to The Beatles' and 'The Mighty Kravats'. Like many Australian bands of the beat era The Kravats, formed in 1958, started out playing in the style of The Shadows: their first big hit in Hobart was an instrumental, Puppet Strings/Bei Mir Bist Duschoen (1964).

After another instrumental record, Fred/Jindivick, both original compositions, went Top 5 in Hobart in 1965, The Kravats took on the British Invasion with Barry Woodruff as lead singer and managed to keep The Beatles' Help from #1 for three weeks with Baby Let Me Take You Home.

Reference: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop.

Version alert from Terry Stacey.

That's What I Want
(John Carter - Ken Lewis)
UK 1967
Later version

Single on CBS (UK), produced by Irving Martin.

Reference: Hiroshi Asada's John Carter songlist. Label shot at eBay Oct 2008.
See also: Label shot at and Irving Martin Productions page at Martin Roberts's website.

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