Upstairs Downstairs
(Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
Australia 1967
#32 Brisbane

Original version

One of the 'songs the Bee Gees gave away', recorded mid-1966 in Sydney by Brisbane singer and TV host (Uptight) Jon Blanchfield. The record's personnel includes all three Gibb brothers and Bee Gees drummer Colin Petersen. Joseph Brennan at Gibb Songs has the full details.

The B-side, Town Of Tuxley Toymaker Part 1 (also recorded by Billy J. Kramer in 1967: he charted #14 in Perth), is another original recording of a Gibb Brothers song from the same sessions.

See also Jon Blanchfield - She's My Baby and Lavender Girl.

Now working in management, one of John (rather than Jon) Blanchfield's clients is Normie Rowe: see the announcement at

Upstairs Downstairs
(Graham Gouldman)
UK 1967
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as 'Upstairs Downstairs' by Jon.

Written by Graham Gouldman, prolific songwriter and member of The Mockingbirds (You Stole My Love) and 10CC. His own version of Upstairs Downstairs was on his 1968 album Graham Gouldman Things and released as a single.

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