Come On Over To Our Place
(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)
Australia 1967
#25 Sydney #27 Brisbane #14 Adelaide #36 Perth

Bev Harrell: swinger from Adelaide, based in Melbourne, whose biggest hit was her version of P. F. Sloan's What Am I Doing Here With You. See her career biography at Milesago.

Double-sided hit in Adelaide and Perth with You Don't Love Me No More.

Come On Over To My Place
(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)
USA 1965
Original version
#40 UK

Note title change, my to our in Bev Harrell's version.

Reissued in UK in 1972 and charted again, peaking at #9.

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Another Australian single on Sunshine label by Tony Shepp, Come On Over To My Place (1966), is presumably the same song.


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