4,003,221 Tears From Now
(Artie Wayne - Ben Raleigh)
Australia 1964
#7 Sydney #7 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #11 Adelaide

Single on Festival label, April 1964. (George Crotty's Festival label discography.)

 Judy Stone: popular Australian singer, a regular on the long-running TV pop show Bandstand, often on the charts in Australia from the early 60s to to the mid-70s.

See also the B-side, Hello Faithless.

Further reading: Wikipedia article on Judy Stone.

4,003,221 Tears From Now
(Artie Wayne - Ben Raleigh)
USA 1963
Original version

Single on Epic, released November 1963. Produced by Ray Stevens.

Kerri Downs, born Mary Lou Kiernan, was married to singer-songwriter-producer Gerry Granahan. She joined girl group The Angels for a while, recruited by Gerry (though she had left by the time of My Boyfriend's Back). Gerry's wide-ranging career included recording as lead singer of Dickie Doo And The Don'ts and co-writing their first hit Click-Clack (1958).

Co-writer Artie Wayne also wrote Marcia Hines's From The Inside and co-wrote Ray Brown's Go To Him. Joey Powers' 1963 hit Midnight Mary is also an Artie Wayne-Ben Raleigh composition. Ben Raleigh's credits include Dinah Lee's Do The Blue Beat, written with Pretty Flamingo composer Mark Barkan, another frequent collaborator.

Further reading: 1. Artie Wayne shares his memories of Ben Raleigh in a January 2005 post to the Spectropop discussion group. 2. The biography at Gerry Granahan's website tells how he discovered Kerri Downs and outlines his career. 3. Screen shot at 45Cat.com of a promotional copy from early 1964, along with a photo of Kerri Downs and an Epic publicity letter. As the comments and the letter confirm, the single first came out in late 1963.

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