Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
(Roger Cook - Bobby Wood)
Australia 1981
#17 Sydney #5 Melbourne #9 Brisbane #24 Adelaide #12 Perth #6 Netherlands

Single on Midnight label, on Mercury in the US. Also charted in The Netherlands.

Sixteen-year-old singer Marcia Hines came to Australia from the US in 1970 for Hair, stayed for Jesus Christ Superstar, and became Australia's most popular female pop star of the late 70s
, voted 'Queen of Pop' for three years. She is still a TV star in Australia as a judge on Australian Idol.

See also From The Inside and You by Marcia Hines.

Reference: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop. 28/11/1981
Further reading: Milesago's Marcia Hines page. Marcia Hines bio at Australian Idol.
Suggested by Terry Stacey.

Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
(Roger Cook - Bobby Wood)
USA 1981

On album Gonna Stay In Love on Jackson MS label Malaco. The Duncans were Canadians Phyllis and Helen Duncan, previously known as The Duncan Sisters.

The best source I've found on The Duncans was a page at,
now offline but still accessible at Internet Archive.

Not to be confused with 1920s vaudeville act The Duncan Sisters or with Kentucky gospel group The Duncans, for example.

Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
(Roger Cook - Bobby Wood)
USA 1980

Recorded around October 1979 at Jack Clement Recording Studio, Nashville, track on Saundra Steele, the artist's debut United Artists album, with the songwriters Cook and Wood on backing vocals. See session details at Praguefrank's Country Music Discographies, and album personnel at ArtistDirect.

By this time, British songwriter Roger Cook was writing and producing in Nashville, where he'd bought a house in 1977.

This wasn't Roger Cook's first collaboration with Nashville-based writer and session player Bobby Wood. For example, US country star Crystal Gayle took the the Cook-Wood song Talking In Your Sleep onto the charts in 1978 (#18 Pop, #1 Country).

Roger Cook had become known for his collaborations with Roger Greenaway in the 60s: see, for example, their compositions Everything Is Out Of Season, Gimme Dat Ding and Can You Feel It Baby.

Chronology: Secondhand Songs lists the single by Dusty Springfield as the original, but Arnold Rypen at The Originals places Saundra Steele first, Dusty Springfield second. The songwriters' participation in the Saundra Steele recording is circumstantial evidence in favour of that. Steele's album was registered at US Copyright Office on 21 January 1980, but that is different from a release date. Billboard, 17 November 1979, did note that Steele had been signed to UA and was planning a January 1980 debut album. 

References, further reading: 1. Song history by Arnolds Rypens at The Originals. 2. Song history at Secondhand Songs.  3. Chronology at 4. Hiroshi Asada's Cook & Greenaway Song List. 5. Bobby Wood biography at Artist Direct. 6. Details at Praguefrank's site and ArtistDirect (cited above).

Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
(Roger Cook - Bobby Wood)
UK 1980
Original version?

Single on Mercury, released 4 January 1980 [45cat] produced by David McKay.

The Roger Cook Chronology places Saundra Steele's release later, in Summer 1980, although The Originals says the two releases were almost simultaneous and calls Steele's as the original. Secondhand Songs goes with Dusty as the original. I have not found any sources that exactly narrow down the two release dates.

In The Complete Dusty Springfield, Paul Howes writes that Roger Cook had previously said he would "love to write a song to resurrect Dusty Springfield's career and this song provided him with his opportunity to do so".

Thanks to Giuseppe for raising this one again, and for the reference.

Later versions:

Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
(Roger Cook - Bobby Wood)
UK 1983
Later version

On Chrysalis album Have You Ever Been In Love.

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