My Girl Bill
(Jim Stafford)
Australia 1974
#8 Sydney #9 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #5 Perth

Co-charted in Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide with the original version by Jim Stafford.

Australian country singer-songwriter Cash Backman seems to have been everywhere and appeared with everyone during a long career that continues to this day with appearances at clubs and festivals around Australia.

Cash Backman's album Thirty Years On [Amazon] was completed in the early 2000s with producer Mick Hamilton (ex-Vibrants), but it had been a work in progress since the 1960s.

Further reading: Cash Backman resumé at Empire Records [PDF] [html]

My Girl Bill
(Jim Stafford)
USA 1974
Original version
#12 USA #20 UK #8 Sydney #10 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #5 Perth

Co-charted in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth with Australian cover version by Cash Backman.

Nashville-based, Florida-born singer-songwriter Jim Stafford (b. 1944) took six of his humourous country singles onto the pop charts 1973-1975 and hosted The Jim Stafford Show for a season on ABC. His biggest mainstream hits were Spiders & Snakes (1973, #3 USA), My Girl Bill (1974, #12) and Wildwood Weed (1974, #7). He was married to singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry for a time in the late 70s.

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